Aluma Tower Co. Wins the SFMA (South Florida Manufacturers Association) Recognition of Excellence Award for 2015

Posted on: March 19, 2015

(Quoted from SFMA’s Manufacturer of the Year Citation) It is decade number five for the Aluma Tower Company, but early yet for a legacy spanning the substantial portion of the wireless world’s time line. Aluma Tower Co. continues designing customer centric, innovative solutions for wireless communication infrastructure. The favored core is the patented mobility tower/ trailer/ shelter system utilizing the earth’s third most abundant element, aluminum, singular for virtues of strength, agility and lightness. Nesting towers expand up over 100 feet to provide 80 percent of steel’s strength with one-third the weight, aptly supporting antennas, RF equipment, cameras, lighting, and air sampling, and wind measurement devices, among other peripherals. Rugged trailers take the units over the road or up and down rough terrain. Units have been lifted by rotor-craft to remote high altitudes, where solar panels provide the non-fossil fuel powering source. For more go here.