TM53-70 MIL/Super Scorpion

Aluma green military trailer system on wheels with unguyed telescoping tower on top

Super Scorpion® Unguyed Telescoping Tower System

Aluma has extensive experience manufacturing military trailer tower systems (both COTS and COTS-based NDI) that can withstand the harsh environments of today’s battlefields yet are quick and easy to operate, lightweight and highly mobile, rugged, reliable, and above all, safe. Among Aluma’s largest customers are the US Government (Department of Defense, FEMA, and State Department), Telecom Service Providers, First Responders, Emergency Management and Surveillance companies.

Aluma engineers designed this system with all the features of the standard Scorpion so that it can withstand harsh environments. They added additional features to ruggedize and enhance the unit’s capabilities.

One of the newest self-supporting antenna masts in our arsenal is the Scorpion® platform trailer tower. One of our best sellers, this unguyed telescoping tower system offers rapid deployment and mission readiness in a self-contained package.

The Super Scorpion is a lightweight, portable aluminum trailer tower equipped with our patented unguyed telescopic antenna tower mast. It is C-130 certified for aircraft transport. Tower masts are available up to 106 ft (32 m) and offer numerous accessories including generators, radio enclosures, and grounding systems so that the unit can be outfitted to the customer’s specifications.  These rugged Scorpion® portable aluminum trailer towers can be set up in about 15 minutes by two capable people. They have a small footprint when fully deployed.  Heli-hooks are an available option to provide easy airlift transport via helicopter to remote areas.

Below you will find the enhancements made to the original “Scorpion” design to create the more robust “Super Scorpion.”

Super Scorpion® Features & Options

  • Double bracketed torsion axles
  • HMMWV tires & wheels with sealed wheel wells
  • Vibration isolation package
  • ECU/HVAC isolation package
  • Adjustable tongue height & multiple voltage electrical brakes
  • Road debris shield
  • MIL-STD-810G Communication Cabinet
  • Heavy-duty, super quiet, diesel generator with maintenance cycle of up to 1000 hrs
  • Fuel tank can run continuously for up to 15 days
  • Built with non-corrosive materials including aluminum, stainless steel and zinc plated steel
  • Up to 106 ft (32 m) Telescopic, self-supporting (unguyed), light-weight, corrosion resistant aluminum tower.
  • Can be safely & rapidly deployed in under 15 minutes by two capable people
  • Tower features continuous engaging and locking safety mechanism
  • C-130, C-5 & C-17 certified unit
  • GVWR of 14000 lb allows trailer to be towed by commercial truck (F-250 or equivalent)
  • Meets all US Federal DOT and FMCSA requirements and built to NATM compliance
  • Easy access to all trailer components
  • Capable of holding multiple size generators
  • Multiple redundant safety features, including the tower’s IP55 Rated motor and series of limit switches and interlocks to prevent over-extension, over-retraction, and over-tilting
  • Low center of gravity makes the system perfect for unimproved roads
  • 18 cu ft waterproof storage enclosure for all equipment and tools needed for setup. No special tools needed
  • SMART Tower and SMART generator capabilities
  • Trailer platform size allows for maximum maneuverability and mobility for urban and rural deployments
  • Low cost of ownership with excellent Deployed Operation Availability and Mean Time Between Failure

Self-Supporting Antenna Mast

T2-100UG is the most deployed 106Ft (30M) Unguyed Aluminum Telescopic tower in the world. This tower model has been deployed in over 65 countries worldwide

Model T2-100UG
Tower Construction  American Aircraft Aluminum 6061-T6
No. of Sections 4
Sections ID F2, E2, D2 & C2
Length of the Section 30 ft
Sections Overlap 7 ft
Overlap Reinforcement System Radial Pressure Slide Bars (Patent# 8,046,970)
Maximum Height w/o Mast 100 ft
Standard Mast Length 8 ft
Maximum Height w/ Mast 106 ft
Nested Height w/o Mast 31.5 ft
Raising System AC or DC Winch (Multiple Voltage Available)
Tilting Mechanism AC or DC Winch (Multiple Voltage Available)
Type of Retraction Positive
Winch Manual bypass Yes
Lockable Mechanism Yes – Safety Stop
Multiple height Lockable Yes – Every 20”
Multiple Safety Redundancy Yes
Tower Operations Temperature -40°F / +120°F
Maximum Pay Load* Call for more Info
Maximum Wind Load (Sail Area)* Call for more Info
Maximum Wind Speed* Call for more info
Approximate Tower Weight

All Aluma towers are designed according to ANSI EIA-TIA 222G/H Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures and Antennas.

Specs and Manuals

Super Scorpion Brochure Trailer Tower Setup Instruction