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Mobile Communications Towers for the Oil and Gas Industry

In the oil and gas industry, people and equipment work in some of the most remote locations. These teams represent significant investments, and you need access to their data in real-time to make the most effective decisions for the company. Our telescopic antenna masts for oil communication offer the ideal solution.

At Aluma, we manufacture a line of mobile communications towers for the oil and gas industry. Our equipment expands your telecommunications network to give you the information you need for fast analysis and response.

Our Telescopic Antenna Masts for Oil Communication

All of our antenna masts for oil communication are lightweight, durable and deployable via land or air to reach the most rugged environments. When you get your tower in place, a single person can have it up and running in under 30 minutes — two people can set them up in half that time.

TM12 Compact Communications Tower

The TM-12 small mobile tower is the smallest and lightest in our lineup. This unit features an open trailer system you can customize to include additional equipment for supporting teams in the field, including portable power systems, antenna storage and spare trailer tires.

TM51–20 All-Terrain Open Trailer Tower

If you need a system built for the highway and off-road use in the most challenging terrain, the TM 51-20 tower unit has all the features you need. These versatile telescopic masts for oil communication have a large-deck open-trailer that you can easily tow behind most trucks and SUVs, including light-duty pickups.

TM51–35 Dual-Axle Mobile Trailer Tower

Our TM 51-35 quick-deploy oilfield communications system includes many of the same features as the highly-mobile TM 51-20 but on a dual-axle chassis. This portable tower is compatible with any of our guyed telescopic antenna towers, including our 300-pound maximum payload extra-extra heavy-duty towers.

TM53-70 Self-Supporting Tower Masts

The TM 53-70 is a self-contained mast for oil communication applications. Featuring a built-in aluminum tower, this versatile system has a patent-pending tongue design compatible with most vehicles and is used by troops overseas to enable clear communication in even the most remote locations.

TM54-80 Mobile Telescoping Towers

Our TM54-80 mobile towers for the oil and gas industry are highly portable units that are reliable, cost-effective and very user friendly. These telescopic antenna masts for oil can support unguyed towers up to 92 feet tall, and you can upgrade yours to include our advanced SMARTtower™ technology.

Request a Consultation

At Aluma, we have decades of experience working with the oil and gas industry. Our team can match your requirements with the right mast for oil communication and help you customize your unit with all the additional features you want to include. Send us a message today and we’ll set up a consultation to get started.