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Telescopic Mast and Tower Solutions for the Amateur Radio Operator Industry

Ham radios are valuable tools for keeping teams and people in contact. These devices are dependable safety nets for your regular systems and can help you gain greater reach regardless of local infrastructure support. They also enable communication following an emergency or natural disaster and are essential for coordinating rescue and recovery efforts.

While ham radios are mostly stand-alone systems, they require antennas to receive and transmit — and our products place yours high in the sky for maximum reach.

Our Amateur Radio Antenna Tower Systems

At Aluma, we design and manufacture amateur radio antenna towers you can customize to match your needs. We have multiple models available to meet any requirements. Our team can help you design an amateur radio tower that delivers all the features and performance you want.



The TM 53-70 Scorpion makes it easy to establish ham radio communications anywhere you need. This system is self-supporting and features an unguyed aluminum tower with a high payload capacity that you can raise to 106 feet. This stand-alone tower is compact even when deployed and stays contained within a small 30-foot by 38-foot footprint.

Super Scorpion

Our Super Scorpion amateur radio tower is a variation of the TM 53-70 that delivers many additional features for greater performance and durability. Super Scorpion systems come with chassis made to handle the most rugged terrain and vibration isolation to prevent damage to components. With a 350-pound maximum payload, the Super Scorpion will support almost any size antenna.

S510 MIL

The S510 system is another Scorpion ham radio tower installation that includes a built-in telecom shelter enclosure. The S510 requires little maintenance, and you can configure yours with masts ranging in height from 60 feet up to 103 feet. The shelter provides a large, climate-controlled space with enough room to house all your ham radios and support equipment.


The S182 is our largest standard shelter. These are top-of-the-line ham radio tower installations that each include a durable 8-foot by 12-foot shelter compatible with guyed and unguyed telescoping mast systems. Up to nine radio racks will fit inside while leaving room for operators and all the accessories you need to support your equipment.


S812MIL telescoping amateur radio antenna tower systems are made for military applications. This system is towable over the most challenging terrain and uses military tires, making it easier to support them anywhere you have units on the ground. You can customize our S812MIL amateur radio antenna towers with a long list of upgrades and additions.

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At Aluma, we are one of the leading radio tower construction companies and your partner for a customized ham radio setup. Our team can help you design a new amateur radio antenna tower that includes everything you need within your budget. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.