Emergency Management

Telescopic Tower Solutions for Emergency Management

Aluma Tower produces a variety of emergency response trailer towers designed for use by emergency management agencies and various law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel. Our emergency response trailers are disaster relief cell towers on wheels that are towable or transportable by air. All of our products deliver the quality of permanent equipment with the convenience of a compact portable system.

Portable Emergency Response Trailer Towers With Equipment Shelters

Our portable communications trailers for emergency management are versatile systems used by departments of all sizes worldwide. They are ideal for mobile command posts and emergency communication centers for agencies coordinating disaster response. While advanced in design, all of our Cell-on-Wheels (COW) systems are user-friendly. Two people can deploy them from stowed to operational in under 15 minutes, or one person can set them up in 30 minutes.

S6 Trailer Towers with Shelter

The S6 is the smallest of our emergency response systems and the most economical option. This compact system mounts to a Class IV hitch, allowing it to be towed into place by most full-size pickups and SUVs.

S8 Hybrid Emergency Response Trailer

The S8 Hybrid integrated disaster relief cell tower is a portable communications tower with a shelter that is an ample eight ft in height.  It features the same oversized trailer as our S812 model for an extra four ft of space in the front.

S510 Portable Telescopic Tower with Shelter

The S510 Scorpion® is a rugged mast antenna trailer tower built to military-grade specifications. Added insulation protects the shelter, while the chassis and wheels are especially suited for rough terrain. For the versatility you require, these emergency response trailers can be coupled with any of our portable telescopic masts.

S812 Self-Supporting Tower System

The S812 is our largest and most capable portable antenna mast system. It has ample room and supports any of our unguyed and heavy-duty towers. S812 shelters have the most storage space of any we offer and can house up to nine racks of equipment.

TM 12 Small Mobile Tower

The TM-12 open style mobile trailer tower system is the smallest of our entire mobile fleet. It is available with a wide variety of options and accessories and best suited for meteorological tower purposes, test data acquisition, and other jobs that require a small, portable unit.

TM 51-20 Small Portable Tower

The 51-20 is a rugged, all-terrain mobile tower system suitable for both on and off-road portability and deployment. With good ground clearance and high mobility this mobile trailer tower can handle just about any terrain, making for a well-rounded mobile tower unit (MTU).

TM 51-35 Open Trailer Tower

The 51-35 can be paired with any of our larger aluminum crank-up towers. It is a step-up from our entry level open trailer towers. The TM 51-35 maintains the small footprint of our more basic trailer towers but is the first to feature a dual axle.


TM 53-70 Open Trailer Tower

The Scorpion TM 53-70 is Aluma’s self-supporting tower mast system. It is a mission-ready, self-contained, lightweight mobile trailer tower unit with an all-aluminum telescoping tower that can be raised up to 106 ft (32.3 m).

TM 54-80 Mobile Tower System

The TM 54-80 line of mobile trailer tower systems provides an economic, rapid deployment mobile telescoping tower trailer system that is capable of being transported by C-130 aircraft.

TM 55-90

The TM 55-90 is a unique trailer tower system designed for low profile applications, such as parking garages. It provides multiple storage compartments and radio equipment racks in various configurations.  This solution features our unguyed towers and is lightweight enough to be towed by a ½ ton truck or easily transported within a cargo shipping container.

Request a Quote

Aluma experts can help you determine which portable trailer tower delivers the features you want and scale them to match your agency’s requirements. We also offer the option to upgrade any of our trailer towers for emergency management with a wide range of options, including towers up to 100 ft high, extra racks, HVAC systems, and built-in generators. To learn more or request a quote, send us a message and let us know what you need.