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Telescopic Masts, Trailers, and Towers for the Water Management Industry

At Aluma, we help businesses and government agencies get the solutions they need with advanced, proven reliable solutions. Our products, including water tower mounts and telescopic masts and towers, deliver unmatched quality, while delivering on the individual agency’s requirements to accomplish their goals.

Water Tower Mounts and Communications Trailers

Our trailers, towers, and mounting systems are ideally suited for Water Management and can be designed to meet the specific application criteria. These clean water technology products are the direct result of over 40 years of continued product innovation and will provide years of dependable service regardless of the climate or weather conditions.


Magnemount Water Tower Mounts

Our Magnemount system is the only damage-free way to install communications equipment and other devices to water tanks and towers. These water tower mounts are environmentally friendly systems and cost-effective alternatives to welding and epoxy. You can install this system in just one to two days. Once installed, there is no cleanup or any ongoing maintenance required.

The Magnemount exceeds all the codes and other requirements for approval from local authorities. It is safer to work with and eliminates the risk of damage to your water tower during installation, and for the duration the system stays attached.

This product line includes several different model systems that you can tailor to accommodate unique specifications. These include:

  • Side-mounting systems. We have multiple water tower antenna mounts that attach to the water tank’s side. These mounts are available with different numbers of plates to support varying load weights and are compatible with an expansive range of communications and surveillance equipment.
  • Top-mounting systems. Our top-mounted systems come with fixed or adjustable guyed and unguyed masts with lengths ranging from 40 to 150 inches. These mounts are perfect for improving communication using water towers of all sizes, with footprints as small as 24 inches by 24 inches.


TM51-35 Trailers for Water Management

The TM51-35 trailer delivers a versatile platform that can be customized to meet the needs of the individual application. These trailers pair with our crank-up towers to extend communication reach.

The TM51-35 trailer makes the perfect command center for water management during natural disasters or for remote applications. Welded of galvanized steel, it can be hitched to most half-ton pickup trucks and larger vehicles for highway-legal transport to your next destination.

A deck measuring 5.5 ft wide and nearly 17 ft long provides enough space to install communications equipment, mobile power sources, and the tools you need to work in the field. Innovative technology for safe drinking water and other clean water technology solutions will transform the TM51-35 into a reliable water transfer trailer.

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