Skid Solutions

Skid Solutions

Aluma has transcended the mobility aspect of our system by providing a reliable and trustworthy component for any communication infrastructure demand. The skid systems produced by Aluma can be modified to meet customer specifications and requirements. The skid systems are also designed to be fitted with a multitude of accessories and features necessary to support specific applications.

Skid Solutions Vs Trailer Tower Solutions

Unlike trailer-tower solutions, skid systems are quicker to deploy and require less maintenance. Skid systems are the perfect answer for a semi-permanent deployment, allowing the end-user to utilize the system to its full extent without the typical concern associated with maintaining a trailer or vehicle system. The skid system can be built to accommodate challenges presented by each customer and is a better-suited option for harsh environments, rugged terrains, and limited spaces.

Why Choose Skid Solutions From Aluma Tower Company

The skids manufactured by Aluma are not constrained by any regulations that are applicable to vehicles or trailers. They can be designed in many sizes, and if necessary, can be retrofitted with towers ranging from 10ft to 106ft in height. The skids use conventional, or a complete self-supported power system which includes alternative energy sources like solar power and wind power. For more information, call or fill out a contact form today.