Aluma Self-Monitoring Automatically Retracting Tower in sky with American flag at the top

What Is the Self-Monitoring Automatically Retracting Tower (SMARTtower™)?

SMARTtower™ technology gives the user control of the complete tower with a simple text message, including the Aluma generator and the HVAC system.

By configuring the presets on a keypad, the device can be set to report conditions and automatically respond without further human intervention or it can be set to alert the user before initiating a response.

Aluma Tower Company programmable controls

The SMARTtower™ can be controlled and monitored remotely or operate on its own, fully automatically. Its programmable controls can set height and fully retract the tower sections into each other. It can even report meteorological data.

Its technology transmits location, height, and wind speed data. The end user can utilize this data to fully retract the tower in high wind conditions or determine and set the desired tower height.

Operators are offered two options

Option one – operate the computer- controlled antenna system remotely via text messaging.

Option two – control via HMI touch screen  located on the tower system (not remotely).

There are few steps one must follow in order to operate this system via SMS messaging To get the computer-controlled antenna system working, the operator must first log in. Once logged in, the operator has a series of action and non-action command options for communicating with tower, generator, or HVAC.

If the SMARTtower™ System receives an action command from the operator it will respond within seconds acknowledging the operator’s command with a text message stating request accepted. Simple non-action commands are used in order to receive live data from the tower/generator/HVAC. For example, typical status means tower height, wind speed, and location. Gen status provides current fuel level, amperage, and volts. Temp status provides shelter temperature.

Aluma’s SMARTtower™ Technology computer-controlled antenna system affords the operator unique options never offered, or even imagined, in the tower industry before.

A Complete Computer-Controlled Antenna System

A distinctive feature of the SMARTtower™ automatic telescoping mast is our High Wind Alarm. This alarm activates the system to automatically take control of the tower unit in extreme wind situations. The unit alerts the operator with an SMS text message. Upon receipt of the message, the operator has the option to keep the tower up. (Note: we strongly advise against keeping the tower aloft in high wind.) However, if the operator ignores the warning message within a given time frame the tower will lower itself.

Shortly after the anemometer senses a drop in wind speed below the safe set point, the tower will automatically raise itself. When this process is complete, the SMARTtower™ System alerts the operator with a tower raised message.

SMARTtower™ Technology Battery Recharging

With the SMARTtower™, the generator can self-start in order to recharge batteries after a certain lapse of time and maintain fuel in the lines. The SMARTtower™ comes equipped with 30-day battery backup system. It allows control of the formerly uncontrollable. Our complex PLC system can be programmed to meet every customer’s needs.

TOWER MODEL T2-100UG T2-85UG T2-60UG T2-40UG
MAXIMUM HEIGHT W/ MAST 103 ft 80 ft 58 ft 40 ft
APPROXIMATE WEIGHT 1300 lb 950 lb 800 lb 365 lb
MAXIMUM PAY LOAD 350 lb 350 lb 400 lb 300 lb
MAXIMUM WIND LOAD 18 sq. ft 23 sq. ft 30 sq. ft 25 sq. ft