Juggernaut Steel Tower

Aluma Announces Next Generation Mobile Steel Tower

First step on the pathway to the tower of the future

Aluma is widely recognized as the world’s preeminent supplier of premium Aluminum mobile telescoping towers.  Why would we venture into the steel tower business?  The answer is simple – customer requests!  Many of our aluminum tower customers also purchase steel towers, with lower initial acquisition costs, for use in less demanding applications and deployment environments.  They have asked that we use our in-house engineering and design expertise, and our focus on details and quality, to bring a new line of feature-rich steel towers to the market and make them available at competitive pricing.  We are pleased to comply!

Aluminum Towers Steel Towers
Lower TCO (total cost of ownership) Lower initial acquisition cost
Longer life in most use cases Shorter life in some use cases
Lower maintenance requirements and cost More rigorous maintenance requirements
Normal payload capacities Significant payload capacity

We have dubbed our initial steel tower the Juggernaut, a particularly appropriate name since external reviewers of our engineering work on the project called it “a beast!”  Our design approach was to think out-of-the-box, using only the best of historical conventions, in addition to creatively approaching incremental improvements requested by our demanding aluminum tower customers.  The result is, indeed, a juggernaut… advancing Aluma ahead of existing steel tower suppliers.  This is only the start of our focused journey down the pathway toward the towers of the future — aluminum, steel and beyond!

Key Juggernaut Initial Differentials from the Competition

  • Support for payloads above 1,300 pounds with 54 square feet of sail areas at 130 feet – no one comes close
  • A unique modular “plug and play” system allowing quick, low cost, post-delivery installation of a wide range of accessories, from generators to application-specific electronics (patent pending)
  • Capability of using a single trailer for delivery and set-up of multiple tower units
  • Survivability at 110 miles per hour winds
  • User-friendly, human-factor engineering to deliver extreme risk mitigation to ensure safe set-up and service execution

Aluma will be doing beta deployments of the Juggernaut early in 2021, with general availability of the product in Q2.  With anticipated high demand for this groundbreaking tower, we recommend that interested parties begin dialogue with our product management team now.  Early dialogue with the team will provide an opportunity to influence final design modifications to the initial edition of the tower, as well as ratification of the specifications for our next model targeted for delivery in Q4 2021.

Highly Mobile Over Any Terrain, Easily Transported Internationally


Selected Standard Juggernaut features

  • Designed for perfect fit for shipping in an ISO cargo container
  • Low towing weight with GVWR of 14,000 lbs.
  • Next generation patented slide bars
  • Cascade telescopic rigging system
  • Engineered to meet target market price point without compromise
  • Designed for rapid deployment
  • Aerodynamic sleek profile with visual appeal
  • Certified structural analysis by independent PE to meet ANSI TIA-222H standards
  • Legendary craftsmanship and quality
130FT (40M) Steel Tower Parameters


Aluma alumnimun Juggernaut in mobile transport mode with wheels in the desert
Juggernaut in Mobile Transport Mode
Aluma aluminum Juggernaut upright in deployed mode on wheels
Juggernaut in Deployed Mode

We invite you to join us in the journey to the tower of the future. The time has come to advance beyond the design conventions of the past 40 years. We are leading the charge. Please reach out to your current account director, or click one of the buttons below, to make contact with our sales and product management team to begin the journey.

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