Building with three aluminum Aluma towers attached

A Brief History of Aluma Tower

Aluma began operations in 1973 in Vero Beach, Florida and manufactured non-corrosive aluminum towers. Its line of light-weight, crank-up towers were constantly refined, re-designed, and made more practical. Early on, Aluma designed enhanced signal reach antennas for amateur radio enthusiasts. Business continued booming. Aluma sustained growth, maintained its innovative spirit, and remained ahead of the curve.


Standing apart from competitors, Aluma saw the future and kept moving forward. Aluma became a pioneer in technology, creating the first mobile tower after a television antenna salesman needed an easy way to demonstrate an effective method for better reception. The tower was incorporated onto his van’s roof! This concept paved the way for Aluma’s early advancements in technology.  

Aluma introduced another popular product, the Cell on Wheels, or COW. The COW was an inventive response to market demands for an antenna mast to use in meteorological forecasting, environmental testing, and for military uses. This enclosed shelter was mounted on a trailer with a tower that could be hoisted up. It could be towed with a light-duty truck to all terrains, including the most difficult areas, and serve as an instant telescoping antenna mast.

Continuous Improvements and Growth

Since Aluma’s inception, all products are developed in-house and manufactured in our facilities in Florida. It is this level of ownership that has made it possible for our customers to recognize Aluma as the world’s preeminent supplier of customizable aluminum telescopic tower trailer systems. This historical product lineage is a key factor that allows Aluma the unique capability to rapidly introduce new products to meet customer and industry specifications.

Legendary Reliability, Ongoing Innovation