Mobile Van Unit Tower

Vehicle Mounted Towers

This vehicle mounted antenna mast is designed to be installed by the customer on a van, cargo trailer, motor home, or other suitable vehicle. Telescoping guyed antenna mast towers are available up to 100 feet (30.5m). The towers are transported in a horizontal position. At the site, they are easily tilted to their vertical position, then erected to desired height. Carriage and tower are rolled to the rear of vehicle. The tower is then pivoted to the vertical position.

The unique feature of this vehicle mounted antenna mast is the sliding track design that allows the tower to be centered front to rear over the vehicle. It allows the operator to move the tower from the horizontal to the vertical position with a minimum amount of effort. The telescoping masts are equipped with roller guides to ensure smooth operation. The roller guides cushion each section from the fully retracted position to the fully extended position.

On vans and trucks the track should be mounted on a ladder rack. These are available at truck equipment dealers. On other types of vehicles, the track and carriage assembly may be secured directly to the vehicle’s roof.

Vehicle Mounted Antenna Masts

Vehicle-mounted antenna masts are perfect for all types of communications. They work well on-site evaluation. They are ideal for a temporary cell site or any application that requires the raising of an antenna or instrument.

Vehicle-mounted aluminum crank-up towers come complete with tower, mast, carriage-sliding track, bumper cable, hold-down cable, and pivot ears.

All Aluma towers are designed according to ANSI EIA/TIA-222 Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures & Antennas.

*Note: For Government Agencies Only. If you are not a government agency purchasing directly, Enclosed Cargo Trailer Tower packages are available.

Specs and Manual

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