Industries Served

An orange Aluma aluminum telescoping tower trailer system on wheels attached to a white truck

Application-Based Solutions

Aluma creates application-based solutions for every major industry. Fully customizable, integrated solutions are made possible by Aluma’s core collaborative approach. From first call to project launch, Aluma specialists, engineers, logisticians and welders work with the customer to fully develop their unique query to a fully-faceted application-based solution.

Decades of custom, problem-solving designs and an extensive library containing thousands of tower and trailer tower models supporting every major industry are accessible to Aluma customers. From light-weight, portable communication solutions to rapid deployment, emergency responsiveness and anything between and beyond, Aluma can design, deliver and support the right, application-based solution alongside our customer in an enhanced, collaborative experience.

An Engineering Approach

Aluma’s engineering-centric approach begins with the customer.  Our products are designed in-house and completely application focused.

  • Military: MIL-STD-810G Certification. C-130 Transport Ready. Rapid deployment and stow away. In active war zones, our unit does not need to be climbed for maintenance, keeping soldiers out of harm’s way.
  • Emergency Management: Lightweight Portability. Rapid Deployment. Aluma towers easily go where and when they are needed.
  • Border Patrol: Reliability. Ruggedly Designed. Our telescoping masts can be easily stowed, towed, and deployed in rugged, isolated conditions.
  • Utility: Mobile Applications. Autonomous. All Aluma units can be fitted with solar power for completely autonomous applications in remote and emergency conditions.
  • Surveillance: Deployment within Minutes. Completely Mobile Solutions. Anti-drone surveillance and event security case by case and month by month.
  • Oil and Gas: Lightweight and Compact. Our towers withstand consistent deployment in rugged conditions. Multiple units can be transported on a flatbed trailer at one time.
  • Amateur Radio: Small footprint. Long Service Life.  Aluma towers bring amateur radio communications to the most remote locations with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Meteorological and Environmental: Remote Operation. Anti-corrosive properties. Our Smart Towers can be operated from any location, giving updates on wind speed and weather conditions.
  • Telecommunication: Strength and Portability. Aluma towers bring increased signal strength to the remotest areas.
  • Water Management: Environmentally Friendly. Cost-Effective. Versatile applications.
Two people attaching a ladder to an Aluma aluminum telescoping tower-trailer system on wheels