Meteorological & Environmental

Aluma lightweight aluminum telescopic tower with environmental monitoring equipment

Telescopic Tower Solutions for Environmental Industries

Aluma Tower designs and produces a line of telescopic masts and towers suited for use with the most sophisticated and sensitive meteorological and environmental monitoring equipment. Our products include trailers and towers that are made to order and built to last, using lightweight aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and durable galvanized steel.

Meteorological and Environmental Systems

These systems are reliable, rugged and easy to set up with average deployment times ranging between 15 minutes for two people and 30 minutes for a single operator.

M-10M Environmental Meteorological Towers

M-10M meteorological towers  are ideal for data collection. They can be fitted with various sensors and information gathering equipment to measure and record wind speed, wind direction and barometric pressure. They are also the perfect platform for lightweight communication antennas, making it possible to establish contact with research and weather stations located at sea and in remote areas.

10M towers come in multiple styles suited for temporary and permanent installation using different tilt-base and guy wire kits. We also offer 10M wind measurement towers with optional gin poles that a single operator can use to tilt the tower into place. All 10M towers feature 10-meter, three-sided, lightweight sections resistant to corrosion.

Other available options include:

  • Mobile portable towers.
  • Crank-up aluminum towers.
  • Fold-over aluminum towers.
  • Telescoping meteorological towers.
  • Vehicle-mounted telescoping towers.

TM 12 Small Mobile Towers

The TM 12 open trailer tower is the most compact open trailer system we manufacture. This system can be towed or transported by helicopter or transport aircraft. The unit complies with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for legal road use in all 50 states. It’s towable by most trucks, SUVs and even some cars.

TM 12 meteorological towers offer many of the same data collection features common to Aluma’s larger models, but with a smaller footprint. The 4 ft by 6 ft trailer deck provides enough space to carry a small equipment cabinet, coax reels, a portable power system, and other accessories. You can choose between standard and heavy-duty masts in 35 ft and 50 ft heights.

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