Telescopic Mast and Tower Services for the Military

When the mission takes you off the grid, our portable military communication towers keep your forces connected. At Aluma, we manufacture several different military cell towers you can rapidly deploy to get clear wireless communications anywhere on the globe. Whether you have troops in the middle of the city or the middle of nowhere, we have you covered. Our systems are lightweight, compact and easily transportable either by air or over rugged terrain.

Modern commanders rely on a mix of communications technologies, and our systems rise to the challenge. Our telescopic mast and tower services provide a collective talk group you can use to connect your entire team on a unified transmission line — regardless of the local infrastructure. All of our systems are safe to use and quickly activated. Two troops can set these towers up in less than 15 minutes. Once running, they have a small footprint and can run off of solar or generator power.

Our Military and Defense Products

Our systems are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and built to withstand long deployments in the world’s harshest climates. As a leading military communication tower company, we have systems with the capabilities you need to complete the mission anytime and anywhere.

Scorpion® Unguyed Telescoping Systems

Our Scorpion 53-70 is a legendary military communication tower credited with multiple industry firsts. These trailers are deployable in areas as small as 27 by 36 feet, and light enough to tow with an MRAP or HMMWV. This self-contained unguyed telescoping tower is equipped with our patented mast system and certified for transport in the back of a C-130.

Super Scorpion Enhanced Trailer Systems

The Super Scorpion improves upon our already-successful Scorpion design to deliver even more advantages on the ground. These towers are proven to work in temperatures ranging from minus 40 to 120 F. They also have a built-in, heavy-duty generator that runs quietly using a fuel tank capable of running the tower for 15 days.

S510MIL Scorpion Portable Telescopic Masts

The S510MIL is a mast antenna with a telecom shelter enclosure made from 100% aluminum. These antennas pair with our portable telescopic masts to create a dependable wireless communications platform in remote areas. S510MIL systems are incredibly low maintenance and highly customizable to match your exact specifications.

S8HY Hybrid Integrated Mobile Towers

S8HY Hybrid military communication towers are the ultimate in integrated systems. These systems combine the advantages of our rugged S12 trailer chassis with our spacious S8 shelter. The result is a system you can tow with a 3/4-ton pickup with 4 extra feet of deck space and more room to mount radios and communications equipment.

S812MIL Portable Telescopic Mast Antennas

Using input from the troops who use military cell towers, we developed the S812MIL. This system has military tires for mobility over the most extreme terrain and thicker shelter, trailer and component construction for added durability. The S812MIL is our most elite system available, and deployable via aircraft or 1-ton vehicle.

Learn More About Our Military Communication Trailer Services

At Aluma, we have a wide selection of portable communications towers, and we will customize our equipment to meet your specific needs. Send us an inquiry to get a quote for a military communication tower, or to learn more about our products for the defense industry.