Aluma aluminum telescoping tower-trailer-shelter system on wheels


1. WARRANTY Terms and Conditions:

Aluma’s STANDARD WARRANTY period on telescoping tower systems (tower-trailer-shelter) is one (1) year from the date of shipment of the newly manufactured system. This standard warranty is included in the base purchase price. Aluma offers this warranty with confidence based on many years of experience with fielded telescoping tower-trailer-shelter systems in operational conditions around the globe.

Warranty Claims – Claims for defects in material, workmanship and missing items shall be made in writing to Aluma within thirty (30) days of delivery and can be sent digitally to support@Alumatower.com or using the support form on our website at https://www.alumatower.com/contact-us/. Failure to provide notice as required shall be conclusive evidence that the product was in conformity with the warranty and Aluma shall be released from any and all liability relating to the product and shall be considered final acceptance. Any claims shall be handled in accordance with section 3 of this document.

• Conditions of this warranty is as follows:

o  Parts Replacement – in the unlikely event of a part failure the following will apply:

▪ Warranty repairs for defects in material or workmanship are remedied by shipping replacement parts to the customer. Aluma may also, at Aluma Tower’s discretion, and at the customer’s expense, send a technical team to the customer’s location to ascertain the scope of the warranty defect or to perform field repairs at the customer’s location.

  • For systems deployed within the 48 Continental United States, Aluma covers the cost of both replacement parts and shipping.
  • For systems deployed outside of the 48 Continental United States, Aluma covers the cost of the replacement parts and the customer will cover any shipping costs.

o Unit being Returned – In cases where a tower system must be returned to Aluma for warranty repair, the customer will be responsible for freight cost to and from Vero Beach, FL 32960. Once the product arrives at Aluma’s Vero Beach, Florida facility, Aluma will, at no charge to the customer, repair or replace the defective parts on the trailer-tower system.

o Reset of Out-of-Warranty Tower or Trailer Unit – In cases where Aluma resets an out-of- warranty unit, any mechanical part (generator, air conditioner, etc.) completely replaced will receive our standard one year warranty coverage.

NOTE: All warranty work that requires Aluma labor will be performed at our Vero Beach, Florida facility unless customer reimburses Aluma for travel and per diem costs for an on-site technician.

Freight Claims – Unless the Purchase Order includes FOB destination, any freight damage will be the responsibility between the customer and the carrier. If the Purchase Order denotes destination, Aluma must be notified at the time of receipt of any freight damage.

Warranty Exclusions:

1. Operator Error or Misuse – Aluma reserves the right to deny warranty claims if there is evidence of misuse and/or operator error. Aluma will request a root cause analysis and thoroughly review any claims where misuse or operator error is suspected as key contributors. Examples of misuse include but are not limited to: exceeding tower capacity, load, sail area, and/or wind speed; over-extending the tower hoist height, placing the tower system on a foreign vehicle or unit, etc. Determination of this condition lies solely with Aluma. In addition, this warranty will become void for any unauthorized modifications to our units or any non-approved Aluma parts. The customer shall hold Aluma harmless from any and all costs, claims, and liability for property damage or personal injury if the customer does not fully comply with the above conditions. Aluma shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damaged that may result from such defects.

Aluma will not be responsible for any damage caused by its products by failure to properly install, maintain, or store the product, or by use in a manner inconsistent with design, neglect, abuse or acts of God. The completed maintenance log will be required.


Non-Warranty Repairs – For non-warranty repairs: Aluma sells replacement parts, spare part kits, repair kits, and spare systems. These items are available for purchase by our customers, and Aluma maintains an extensive inventory of parts for rapid shipment. Based upon years of historical data, Aluma can work with each customer to recommend appropriate spare part inventories. Aluma also performs non-warranty repairs at customer expense. Aluma and the customer determine what the most cost effective repair strategy is and then Aluma performs the repair in the most cost-effective manner for the customer. The customer pays for time, materials, shipments, and travel (if required) for non-warranty repairs. Non-warranty items include but are not limited to the following:

• Batteries
• GFCI Outlets
• Fluids of any kind
• Filters
• Trailer Brakes
• Consumables

3rd Party Warranty Support – Aluma will work directly with 3rd party vendor warranty claims within Aluma’s standard warranty period. It is the responsibility of the buyer to complete 3rd party warranty cards and return to manufacturer to activate warranty.


Aluma’s warranty program includes several customer focused provisions, and the program is based on years of experience providing this service to deployed military and commercial customers operating in countries around the globe.

Technical Support – Aluma systems are designed with the deployed user in mind, so no special tools or complicated procedures are normally required to service or repair Aluma systems that are under warranty. Aluma systems and accessories have part numbers to facilitate easy ordering. Aluma Tech support can be accessed M-F 8am – 5pm EST, excluding major holidays, however, claims can be opened 24×7 via our support web site at https://www.alumatower.com/support-aluma-tower/. Please report emergencies requiring immediate assistance to support@Alumatower.com and someone will contact you in a timely manner.

Aluma also offers additional service and maintenance agreements for periods beyond the 1 year standard warranty. For additional information please refer to the Service and Maintenance Agreement document.


Shipments – Aluma systems will be prepared and shipped to comply with commercial shipping and storage requirements. Each Aluma system is individually inspected for completeness and functionality prior to shipment. Should customer opt for no crating, he/she will be responsible should any damage occur during the shipping process.


Aluma understands the importance of user training to ensure both safe operation and optimized life cycle costs. Aluma provides a User Manual with every tower system that provides instruction to the operator in a clear and uncomplicated manner on how to safely transport, erect, use, retract, maintain and store Aluma systems.

Aluma offers a priced option to provide operator training. The training venue is selected by the user and can be either at the user’s facility (a safe location if in a combat zone) or at Aluma’s Vero Beach, FL plant.

CUSTOMER FACILITY TRAINING – Typical operator training services at a customer’s facility consists of:

• Up to one 7 hour (2-3hrs in class and 3-4 hands on) training with up to 6-8 students along with the delivered
o Aluma system available for hands on orientation and deployment and tear down demonstration.
• Customer provided climatized training room with table, chairs, and power.
• Aluma provided training material and documents.

Customer on-site training class is based on the “train the trainer” concept beginning with classroom introduction, Aluma system operator familiarization by walk-around procedure with the actual equipment item, classroom training session on safety and basic operator procedures, then hands on training using the actual system. Training is normally concluded back in the class room with a training summary and Q&A session. Scheduling of this class is accomplished through the customer’s Aluma point of contact. A customized training program can be offered on request for an additional charge if multiple training locations are involved, additional students (more than 8) are included, multi-day training sessions are necessary, or other special needs are required by the customer.

Training typically begins at 8:30 AM and concludes by 4PM. The weather in Florida can be hot to very hot, and portions of the training are conducted outdoors. Light clothing, a rain poncho, full toed shoes or sneakers, SPF 30 sun screen, and a hat are recommended.

Aluma one day training in the US is typically $3,000 training fee for one Aluma instructor plus airfare and accommodations based on the customer facility location. NOTE: In some cases where two instructors are required the training fee will be $5,000.

Download Aluma Standard Warranty Here