Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Aluma enclosed cargo trailer with steel trailer frames and an aluminum roof rack stucture

Our Enclosed Cargo Trailer (ECT) includes custom-manufactured, steel trailer frames with aluminum skin exteriors in-house fabricated aluminum roof rack structures, and a mobile vehicle unit mounted atop the trailer.



There are two basic varieties of ECT’s: one with a 4 ft deck at the front for generators and fuel tanks and the other without the deck. They are available in several lengths to meet your requirements.

Aluma white portable tower system with aluminum tower on top

Portable Tower System

This portable tower system is easy-to-use and deploy.  The tower is attached to a carriage that slides within a long track and then easily pivots from a horizontal to a vertical position at the rear of the ECT. It is then locked to the vehicle bumper with the supplied lockdown cable assembly.

If you require an affordable, user-friendly portable tower system with a spacious interior that can support up to a 100 ft (30 m) tower, please contact us for details, specifications, and a quote.

Key features and advantages of our ECT-type portable tower system include:

  • One of the most affordable portable tower system units available from a reputable tower manufacturer.
  • Large spacious interiors provide a perfect incident command center, mobile command center, cell¬†tower system, or other communication tower system.
  • The roomy interior can be custom designed with a wide variety of equipment, options, and accessories to meet your portable tower system requirements.
  • Aluminum telescoping towers are attached to the top of each transportable¬†tower system and range from our standard duty to our extreme-duty tower in heights from 12 ft (3.6 m) to over 100 ft (30 m).
  • This line of trailers¬†is extremely versatile. Popular applications include data collection, wind speed and measurement, 2-way radio, communications, trunking systems, and many more.
  • For a custom quote or details about any of our portable tower system offerings please contact us.