These testimonials on Aluma products and manufacturing come from a host of different clients and users. They reflect the successful use of our products from satisfied customers and our long-term relationships with them. Copies of full letters available upon request.

Metson Marine Services

Always a possibility to order more. Everyone is always so polite and helpful.

B&R Supply

I always order from Aluma and will continue to order from Aluma. I don’t have anything negative to say.

InDyne Incorporated

The only thing I would add is a few hours around initial purchase with someone like Gino on operation and maintenance.

InDyne Incorporated

Pinellas County Florida Emergency Management

Aluma was appreciative of my business, and was a great company to work with.

Harris Corporation

Aluma went above and beyond to get the product here early.


Aluma is a great partner and solution provider. The mobile systems we have been deploying since 2018 have performed well and survive in the earth’s harshest environments. Our customer is happy with the solution, and we will keep pushing this unique product.

Pacific Gas & Electric

Aluma trailer-towers are superior to all others, and PGE has purchased mobile towers from multiple sources, Aluma always stands by their product.


Superior customer service, and a workmanship second to none, Aluma is always there to solve our network infrastructure problems.


The willingness to closely work with the customers, design to their need, and produce a high-quality product is the main reason we keep coming back to Aluma.

Peo Stri

I3-Corps – (Integration Innovation, Inc.)

I would like to personally thank you and commend your staff for working with us to secure inspection and repairs on the three S8 Hybrid trailers we operate for the U.S. Air Force at Joint Readiness Training Center {JRTC), Ft. Polk, Louisiana.

I would like to formally recognize and applaud Aluma’s dedication to customer service, professionalism, flexibility and technical know-how.

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Michael W. Wicks – CEO

ASRC Federal

US Army PEO STRI’s Targets Management Office  had shelter requirements that couldn’t be met by any common of the shelf systems. Aluma Tower’s team was great working through our requirements and provided multiple custom built shelters that fully met our expectations. As we have used the shelters over the past two years to support ground, seaborne, and aerial test events in a number of different locations and test environments, the shelters have been proven rugged, reliable, and a great asset to the team. Aluma Tower provides excellent customer service and professionalism while delivering a quality product.

Thanks for all your support!


Mark Winghart – VP Defense and Security


It is not uncommon for our customers to mount cameras atop one of our towers.  This particular customer was experiencing a wobble on the monitor. The following testimonial is in regards to a special locking device we developed and incorporated into our tower. This new design eliminated the wobble they had been experiencing.

I am writing you to express my extreme satisfaction with your Aluma Tower Trailer/Shelter/Tower, Model F61WA812TS, which we purchased last year. From the time we arrived in Vero Beach to pick up our trailer until now, the continued customer service that you and your company has provided us has been impeccable.

The quality and outstanding workmanship of this trailer is constantly being commented on when I show it to other Public Safety Communications professionals.

When we picked up the trailer last summer and drove it back to California, we encountered extreme weather in many states. We even encountered 50 mile per hour cross winds on the interstates and had zero handling problems. The stability and handling characteristics of this trailer are absolutely amazing. The one-ton Chevy pickup had no problem towing this heavy trailer.

Again, thank you very much for such and outstanding American product and the excellent service behind it.


Chris Von Mueller


Everything worked out great and our customer should be very pleased with the product that we are providing. Let me know in the next few weeks how the second order of four towers is progressing. Again thanks to everyone at Aluma tower for all of your support.


Chad Owens - Project Engineer

Polk Country Emergency Management

My trust and belief in the Aluma Tower product was forged during Hurricane Opal in 1995 and numerous incidents since then.

Ben D. Holycross
Polk County Emergency Management

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Ben D. Holycross

Leo L. Walker, D.Sc., M.D., M.P.H. (Amateur radio call sign N3LW)

I appreciate you and your employee taking the time to research the older towers and set me on the right track toward replacing the counter-crank rope.

I bought my T-140 in 1980 and it was one of the wisest purchases I ever made in ham radio, and I’ve been one for 46 years now. What has really impressed me was that I ordered and received a tower and mast in perfect condition and, despite Hurricane Hugo and other such weather we have in central S.C., the tower has continued to function more or less like a new one.

The aluminum still gleams in the morning sun, all the welding joints are perfectly intact, the mast rotates the Gemquad with its Ham-IV rotater and the only reason I called you was the dry rot of the rope crank-down cable, which should have rotten long before now given that it is in the shade all the time.I get to listen to my friends fuss over whether to climb (the steel) tower to paint it, or dismantle it first. I need to install a 2 meter antenna on top of the mast and fix a loose wire on the quad. I’ll get my older son to help, remove two bolts, lower the tower to a sawhorse with a light block-and-tackle, perform less than 30 minutes work, including fixing the rope, crank the tower up again and I’ll be ready to go.

Thank you for a first-quality product, and look forward to my order later on for another Aluma tower. I’ve run out of pine trees and will need another tower.

With kind regards and best wishes I am sincerely yours,

Leo L. Walker, D.Sc., M.D., M.P.H.