Aluma guyed aluminum telescoping mast with wires shown up in the sky

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Made with aircraft-grade structural aluminum, Aluma telescoping masts can handle up to 80 percent of the payload capacity of a similar steel tower while weighing nearly 70 percent less. Their low maintenance frequency means Aluma towers are perfect for demanding terrains and extreme conditions. Adaptable and customizable for virtually any job anywhere, from open desert to open water, Aluma towers are designed to fulfill their mission in challenging environments.

Aluma towers range from:

Designed, Built, and Delivered by Aluma

A customer requested a lightweight, stackable tower capable of supporting the deployment force of a ship in rough seas, for meteorological and environmental research in the Gulf of Mexico. We designed, built, and delivered it. 


Stackable tower in the Gulf of Mexico
A customer needed uninterrupted data collection in a mountainous terrain. It required a complete system weighing under 2,000 lb (910 kg), capable of being lifted to its deployment location by helicopter while packing all necessary accessories, including a complete solar electrical system. We designed, built, and delivered it. 


Helicopter lift system

Safety First

Aluma aluminum towers eliminate one element of our traditional competition: our towers don’t need to be climbed. Aluma towers can be tilted from vertical to horizontal orientation, eliminating the need for a technician to climb the tower during installation, maintenance, or repair. In conflict zones, Aluma towers keep soldiers out of harm’s way.

Ease of Use

Our telescoping mast systems can be quickly deployed or stowed in 20-inch increments, in as fast as 15 minutes. Throughout their extended service lifetime, Aluma towers offer unrivaled portability whether towed by vehicle or lifted by helicopter. Reliability, longevity and rugged design, we go where others can’t.

While our aluminum towers offer many benefits, we understand that there are some application scenarios where a steel tower would be more beneficial.

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Other standard features for aluminum towers include:

  • Light weight for easy portability. Can be pulled by a light pickup truck.
  • Smallest tower weighs 45 lb
  • Small footprint
  • Guyed towers don’t require extensive guying
  • Rapid deployment capability
  • Able to be deployed with a minimum number of people
  • Longer service life than steel
  • Naturally non-corrosive


Mobile and Portable Towers