TM 55-90: Mobile Tower Systems

Mobile Trailer Tower

Mobile trailer towers are the best way to maintain communication systems as you travel. The TM 55-90 offers a unique configuration for mobile connections. With this open trailer tower system, you can adapt your telecommunication infrastructure in a low-profile area. Integrate the TM 55-90 into areas like parking garages and other municipal spaces.

With this portable tower, you can enjoy multiple storage compartments for keeping mission-critical tools and radio equipment racks that you can configure yourself. The TM 55-90 is also lightweight enough to tow with a half-ton truck or move in a cargo shipping container.

TM 55-90 open trailer tower systems use our TU series towers to offer the quickest deployment options for users. Without the need for guy-wires, both setup and collapsing are always efficient. With its mast, it reaches 65 feet to stay relatively inconspicuous without sacrificing a strong connection. Once your telescopic tower trailer system is up and running, you’ll have excellent mobile reception.

TM 55-90 mobile tower
lightweight towable tower

Key Features

The TM 55-90 offers an array of advantageous features for your application. Notable qualities include:

  • Height. This portable tower system works with a 65-foot tower. The best model for this configuration is the T2-80UG un-guyed tower.
  • Setup. Total setup time for the TM 55-90 is about 15 minutes, allowing you to keep your mobile communications efficient from place to place.
  • Workforce. You’ll only need two people to handle the setup process, as long as they have an in-depth understanding of the instruction manual.
  • Transport. The TM 55-90 is designed for Conex container transport to keep it secure during travel. You can tow this tower system with a variety of vehicles for ultimate versatility.
  • Technology. You can integrate these open trailer tower systems with Smart Tower Technology to get real-time diagnostics and increase communication reliability.

The TM 55-90 presents many benefits to its users, making it an excellent communication tool for any operation. With multiple configuration options, your mobile tower system will meet every need.

TM 55-90 mobile tower close up

Configure Your Tower System to Meet Your Needs

When you use the TM 55-90 regularly, you want to ensure the tower and trailer have the optimal accessories and tools for use. Fix your trailers with air conditioners, coax reels, AC/DC lighting, generators and more. Our tower accessories include all the critical parts you need for the best functionality, from bases to brackets.

With all of our portable tower systems, we offer coating options for your protective needs. You can request:

  • Paint.
  • Powder coating.
  • Anodizing.
  • Chemical agent resistant coating (CARC).

Contact Aluma Tower Company for More Information

At Aluma Tower Company, we’re ISO 9001-2008 certified to ensure we always offer the high-performance products your operation needs. We build our towers with non-corrosive materials to ensure they last. And with customization opportunities, you can make your trailer system work for all your applications.

With applications in oil and gas, emergency management, military and much more, our towers will meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. To learn more about the TM 55-90 telescopic tower trailer system, contact us today.