TM-12 Tower

Telescopic Mast and Tower Solutions for Telecommunications

Whether for emergency use or a long-term application, our portable communication towers keep you connected. At Aluma, we manufacture a range of advanced telecommunication towers suited for any scenario where you need to establish rapid, dependable and independent coverage.

Portable Communication Towers Customized to Meet Your Needs

We are your custom communication tower company, with several different style units that all offer unique advantages. Our towers have a wide range of optional accessories you can include to ensure you get the features and benefits you want as well as the maximum value from your investment.


Telescopic Unguyed Towers

Our telescopic unguyed telecommunication towers are self-supporting portable communication systems. These portable communication towers are highly mobile and designed for rapid deployment, perfect for use following a natural disaster or when quickly establishing coverage for other purposes. We manufacture two versions of these towers with multiple models available, including the:

  • TU Series. The TU Series is a cost-effective portable communication system with up to a 200-pound payload capacity. These telecommunication towers can withstand self-supported wind speeds up to 50 mph and speeds up to 80 mph when guyed. Customization is available, including trailer- and building-mounted options.
  • T2 Series. T2 Series portable communication towers can handle payloads of up to 350 pounds and winds up to 70 mph — 90 mph when secured using the optional guy wire attachments. They also have maximum tower heights ranging from 58 feet up to 106 feet, allowing you to gain clear communication over long distances and rough terrain.


Open Trailer Towers

We manufacture multiple different open trailer units for easy transport over the highway or in challenging off-road conditions. These trailers all feature fully welded chassis made from structural steel that undergoes hot-dip galvanization for added corrosion resistance. Trailer body components are either produced using the same material or made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

All come equipped with an aluminum Weather Guard storage box and several tools necessary for deployment. Typically, our open trailers also come with tow chains, ball couplers and breakaway brake system kits. Customization is available on all models with options such as generator power, advanced SMARTtower™ technology, cable reels and utility lighting.

These portable communication towers function with multiple different tower systems, including standard and enhanced guyed models and unguyed options. We also have a self-supporting open trailer that serves as a portable communication system two people can set up in 15 minutes or less.


Trailer Tower With Shelters

Our trailer towers and shelter systems are ideal for Cell on Wheels (COW) applications. These are the ultimate portable communication systems and include shelters made from the most advanced materials for lasting durability, regardless of where you deploy your system. All these products feature self-supporting towers that are easy to deploy and very user-friendly.

We manufacture telecommunication trailer and shelter systems you can pair with a range of towers, including guyed options and models from our T2 and TU unguyed tower lines. You can also include multiple optional accessories, such as generators, radio racks, antenna storage, emergency and telescopic lighting, and HVAC systems.

Partner With a Dedicated Communication Tower Company

To get more information about our telecommunication towers or to start designing your custom portable communication system, contact us online. We’ll schedule a convenient consultation to learn more about your needs and show you the solutions we have to meet them.