Portable Tower Trailers

Aluma Trailer Tower Systems

Trailer Tower Systems are the heart of Aluma’s business. We offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, configurations, and options for you to choose from, as well as engineering and design services for unique requirements. From bare-bones systems to fully equipped trailer systems, Aluma prides itself on collaborating with our customers to design the perfect fit.

Designed, Built, and Delivered by Aluma

A customer in the Philippines needed a trailer that could be moved from island to island and deployed in under fifteen minutes to help with disaster relief efforts. We designed, built, and delivered it.  A customer needed a trailer to support the Olympic Games in Rio but that could be repurposed to work in varying environmental conditions, from the rainforest to the desert to the mountains. We designed, built, and delivered it. 
Aluma trailer used to support disaster relief efforts in the Philippines
This Open Trailer Tower system was designed to support the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games in 2016.

Safety First

We are proud members of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM). NATM’s mission is to improve trailer safety. They require all of their members to manufacture trailers that meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, ensuring all of our trailer tower systems meet the strictest of safety regulations.

Other standard features include:

  • DOT LED lighting systems
  • Adjustable & interchangeable towing couplers
  • Radial tires
  • Safety tow chains
  • Electric breakaway systems (if equipped with brakes)
  • Aluminum treadbrite decking
  • Stainless steel hardware and rigging cables
  • Highly customizable

See below for links to each model we offer or feel free to contact us to discuss any requirements you may have.