Telescopic Unguyed

T2-100UG tower Tan color extended

Aluminum telescoping masts without the need for guy wires 

Self-supporting antenna towers, or telescopic unguyed towers, have become more desirable in recent years due to the need for rapid deployment, urban incidents, and quicker mobility, especially when guy wire installations are not feasible.  With this increased demand for aluminum telescoping masts without guy wires, Aluma has developed simple, cost-effective designs.  We offer unguyed towers as an affordable solution when guy wires are simply not an option.

Self-Supporting Antenna Tower

Aluma offers unguyed, self-supporting antenna towers in two versions that can be a free standing antenna mast or coupled to a trailer for mobile telescopic masts.  These towers are our value-driven TU series towers and our stout T2 series towers.


T2 Series Unguyed Towers Standard Features

  • Patented slide bar interface system
  • Rigged with custom Aluma pulleys
  • 7ft. of overlap between each section, highest in the industry
  • 2in. OD x 1/4in. wall x 8ft. long top mast
  • Fixed upper and lower mast plates
  • Guy wire attachment ears for more available capacity
  • Available from 34ft (10m) to 103ft (31m) in height
  • Unguyed capabilities up to 70mph winds, guyed capabilities up to 90mph winds.
  • Payload capacities up to 550lbs.
  • Building mounted or trailer mounted options (restrictions apply)
  • Standard 120VAC electric winch (12VDC or 24VDC options available)
  • All winches have manual bypass handcrank safety features
  • Upper and Lower limit switches
  • Safety stop mechanism with interlock switch for added layer of safety
  • Customization and additional information available upon request
SMART tower

Testing the Aluminum Telescopic Mast

Major Air Force Base Test and Evaluation has raised and lowered our unguyed slide bar tower over 5,000 times.  Minimal maintenance required a cable change every 1,000 repetitions and a pulley change every 2,000 repetitions.  This dependability has allowed our T2-100UG model unguyed tower to quickly become a best-seller in the 100ft. tower category.  It makes an ideal tower as a trailer mounted mast to make a cell tower trailer.  It is also popular with our SMART technology to provide a computer controlled antenna system.

Please check each tower spec sheet to find which the appropriate option for your application. Please contact us for details.



TOWER MODEL T2-100UG T2-85UG T2-60UG T2-40UG
MAXIMUM HEIGHT W/ MAST 106 FT / 32 M 80 FT / 24 M 58 FT / 18 M 39 FT / 12 M
TOWER APPROXIMATE WT 1600 LBS / 725.7 KG 950 LBS / 430.91 KG 800 LBS / 362.87 KG 680 LBS / 308.4 M
MAXIMUM PAY LOAD 350 LBS / 158.76 KG 400 LBS / 181.4 KG 450 LBS / 204.1 KG 600 LBS / 272.2 M
MAXIMUM SAIL AREA LOAD 18 SQ. FT / 5.5 SQ. M 25 SQ FT. / 7.6 SQ M 30 SQ FT. / 9.1 SQ M  35 SQ FT. / 10.7 SQ M