Telescopic Tower Solutions for Surveillance and Security

Aluma understands security and surveillance operations. Our line of advanced mobile surveillance towers and trailer tower systems are customizable to the industry’s exacting requirements. We manufacture lightweight, robust systems to go anywhere at a moment’s notice.

Aluma lightweight, aluminum guyed telescopic antenna tower with wires in the sky with sunset

Telescopic Guyed Towers

Telescopic guyed towers are versatile solutions designed for rapid deployment. These mobile surveillance telescoping towers connect people on the ground through enhanced cellular network coverage. They also transmit wireless data between locations and serve as excellent mounting units for security camera systems and area lighting.

Our telescopic guyed towers are made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and include stainless steel hardware. These systems will perform in virtually any climate and are reliable in the harshest weather conditions. Telescopic towers are excellent for temporary use and as permanent installations. They can be secured to a structure or attached to a concrete slab.

All of our guyed mobile surveillance towers are customizable with optional accessories to meet your needs, including grounding systems, electric winches, lighting protection, and more. Aluma offers four product lines to choose from, each of which offers distinct advantages:

  • Standard
  • Heavy duty
  • Extra-heavy-duty
  • Extra-extra-heavy-duty

Mobile Van Unit Towers

The Mobile Van Unit Tower is vehicle-mounted for security, evaluation, and surveillance work. It is designed to be installed by the customer on cargo vans, utility trailers, motor homes, and similar vehicles. The Mobile Van Unit Tower is the perfect mobile, rapid-response solution for temporary assignment.  With their ease of deployment and operation, Mobile Van Unit Towers offer a distinct advantage for the surveillance and security industries. The sliding carriage design makes it simple for a single operator to move the tower from horizontal to vertical position, and extend the lightweight tower with minimal effort.

Mounting depends on vehicle type. On vans and trucks, the mobile surveillance telescoping mast typically mounts to a ladder rack. On other vehicles, like motor homes, there is the option for mounting directly to the roof. Any of our telescopic guyed towers described above can be adapted as mobile units.

Open Trailer Towers

Open Trailer Tower Systems can be towed, shipped or airlifted to location and will provide decades of reliable service in nearly every environment. The trailer chassis is manufactured using structural steel and then hot-dipped galvanized. The A- frame tongue has an additional T-bar to minimize structural stress and strain during transportation.

Fitted with corresponding Aluma Guyed Aluminum Towers, these systems offer a versatile platform you can use to install a wide selection of different accessories, including cameras, equipment cabinets, cable reels, storage, lighting, power systems, and more. All necessary tools for deployment come standard inside the Weather Guard storage box located on the trailer deck.

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