Telescopic Mast and Tower Solutions for Surveillance and Security

If you need to establish surveillance operations without relying on existing infrastructure, we have you covered. At Aluma, we manufacture a broad line of advanced mobile surveillance towers and trailer-mounted systems that you can customize to establish a complete net of protection.

guyed tower

Telescopic Guyed Towers

Telescopic guyed towers are versatile systems made for rapid deployment. These mobile surveillance telescoping mast towers connect people on the ground through enhanced cellular network coverage. They also transmit wireless data between locations and serve as excellent mounting units for security camera systems and area lighting.

Our telescopic guyed towers are made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and include stainless steel hardware. These systems will perform in virtually any climate and are dependable in the harshest weather conditions. Telescopic towers are excellent for temporary use and as permanent installations, and can be either fixed to a structure or attached to a concrete slab.

All of our guyed mobile surveillance towers are customizable with optional accessories to meet your needs, including grounding systems, electric winches, lighting protection, guy wire kits and more. For added selection, we have four product lines to choose from, each of which offers distinct advantages:

  • Standard
  • Heavy duty
  • Extra heavy-duty
  • Extra-extra heavy-duty

Mobile Van Unit Towers

Our mobile van unit tower is a vehicle-mounted communication and surveillance system you can install on cargo vans, utility trailers, mobile command centers and similar vehicles. The mobile van tower is the perfect rapid-response tool for expanding your network and elevating your surveillance equipment.

These mobile and portable security towers offer a distinct advantage with their simple operator controls. Using a motor, a single operator can raise, position and extend the lightweight tower with minimal effort. A unique sliding rack feature makes it easy to position the antenna directly in the center, from vehicle front to back, for added stability in high wind conditions.

Mounting depends on vehicle type. On vans and trucks, the mobile surveillance telescoping mast tower typically mounts to a ladder rack. Other vehicles, like motor homes, offer the option for mounting directly to the roof. You can also pair these systems with any of the telescopic guyed towers described above for added reach and stability.

Open Trailer Towers

We manufacture a full line of open mobile surveillance tower and trailer systems you can tow, ship or airlift to gain increased monitoring ability wherever and whenever you need. You can also equip them with solar panels for continual power or configure yours for use with generator systems factory-mounted to the trailer.

Each of these towers has a galvanized steel trailer you can tow on the road or across rugged terrain with a wide range of different vehicles, with some models compact and light enough to hitch behind a light-duty truck, crossover SUV or some cars. Tow chains, tongue jacks, ball couplers and brake systems come standard on most models.

These systems offer a versatile platform you can use to install a wide selection of different accessories, including cameras, radio cabinets, cable reels, storage, lighting, power systems and more. Depending on the model, these mobile surveillance telescoping mast towers are compatible with our different unguyed tower options.

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