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Telescopic Tower Solutions for the Utility Industry

The energy and utility sectors have unique requirements calling for unique tower solutions. Rugged, isolated terrain, open water, and harsh climates challenge the industry’s readiness to meet demand. Our 40 years of experience, guarantee Aluma can meet these and every challenge faced by the uniqueness of an industry that must adapt to change or be left behind in a rapidly developing field.

Aluma stands out as the frontrunner in demanding industries. Our application-based solutions meet our customers on their turf and on their terms.

Dependable Systems for the Utility Industry

Highly mobile and designed for rapid deployment over land, sea or air.

We manufacture several different systems ideally suited for energy providers and members of the utility industry with a wide range of optional features. Aluma can customize any system for utility companies of any size and location anywhere in the world.


Telescopic Guyed Towers

Telescopic Guyed Towers use sturdy guy wires for stability at raised elevations and in high wind conditions. These units are suited for temporary use, long-term deployment, or permanent installation. They can be deployed on bare ground, attached to concrete slabs, or bracketed to support structures.

Several different utility tower models are available depending on your application. All come with our H-type or T-type tilting bases. Fixed bases are available as no-cost substitutions. Browse our standard, heavy-duty, extra-heavy-duty, and extra-extra-heavy-duty mast towers to determine which model is right for your specific requirements.


Open Trailer Towers

Open Trailer Towers offer the ultimate in mobility, versatility and up time. They are designed to provide decades of reliability in nearly any environment. These systems can include guyed or unguyed towers for utility industry applications. In most cases, one person can position the system, extend the tower, and power the unit in less than 30 minutes. Two people can cut the average deployment time in half.

Learn More About Our Communications Solutions for the Utility Industry

Our team can help you determine which model and which upgrades best meet your requirements. Request a consultation with our team today to discuss your goals and learn the different ways our products can help you achieve them.