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Telescopic Mast and Tower Solutions for the Utility Industry

The energy and utility sectors are always adapting to change. Adjustments in peak use, unexpected weather, special events and many other factors can impact supply and demand. When demand exceeds the system capabilities, it can cause significant disruptions to service that can damage your company image and bite into your bottom line.

In other cases, location is an issue. In these demanding industries, remote production sites and substations are common. Many are located in areas without cellular coverage, with some unreachable by ground. Whether you want to connect your remote operations or need the ability to respond to increases in demand, our electrical service masts for the utility industry help you stay online.

Dependable Communications Towers for the Utility Industry

At Aluma, we have over 40 years of experience producing telescoping utility tower structures suited for temporary use or permanent installation. Our systems offer the additional capacity you need to support increased usage. These units are highly mobile and designed for rapid deployment over land, sea or air to wherever you need.

We manufacture several different style tower and trailer systems ideally suited for energy providers and members of the utility industry. These electrical service masts all provide dependable wireless network deployment for utility companies of all sizes located anywhere around the globe, with a wide range of optional features that you can include for added capability.


Telescopic Guyed Towers

Our telescopic guyed towers are electrical service masts that use sturdy guy wires for incredible stability at raised elevations and in high wind conditions. These units are suited for temporary use, long-term deployments and permanent installations. You can deploy them on bare earth, attach them to concrete slabs or bracket them to support structures.

Several different model utility tower structures are available depending on your unique needs. All come with our H-type or T-type tilting bases, with our fixed bases available as no-cost substitutions. Temporary and permanent options are available. You can choose between our standard, heavy-duty, extra heavy-duty, and extra-extra heavy-duty mast towers for added customization.


Open Trailer Towers

Open trailer towers offer the ultimate in mobility and versatility. These systems include guyed and unguyed towers for utility industry applications and only require a single individual for setup. In most cases, one person can position the system, extend the tower and power the unit in fewer than 30 minutes. If you have two people, they can cut the average deployment time in half.

With these systems, you can establish clear and consistent wireless communications between connected locations to help you monitor output levels in real-time and make decisions using all available data. These electrical service masts are also vital during system outages or when you need a boost in network power to meet higher-than-usual demand.

Learn More About Our Communications Solutions for the Utility Industry

With so many models and optional upgrades available, let the experts help you determine which setup best meets your requirements. Request a consultation with our team today to discuss your goals and learn the different ways our products can help you achieve them.