Tower Accessories

Aluma offers a comprehensive line of telescopic antenna tower accessories. These high-quality custom-built accessories have been designed specifically to make deployment of Aluma’s premier line of guyed and unguyed antenna towers more efficient in their individual applications. Click on the images below for more details.



  • AC or DC Electric Winches with limit switch options
  • MP-1 Standard Mounting Pole
  •  MP-2 Heavy Duty Mounting Pole
  • Gin Pole Assemblies
  • Single & Double Obstruction Lights with AC, DC, or Solar Power Options
  • Grounding & Lightning Protection Kits
  • Mast rotator Thrust Bearings
  • Single, Dual, Triple & Quad Antenna Standoffs
  • Universal Combo Rotor Plate
  • Tilt Base (T-Base)
  • Building Brackets
  • Fixed Bases
  • Hinged Bases
  • Bigfoot Bases
  • Temporary Mounting Bases
  • Independent Base System
  • Skid Base System
  • Cable Management Standoffs
  • Coax Cable Rings
  • Radio Equipment Enclosures
  • PE Stamped Structural Analysis

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