Single Tower Mast

Aluma single aluminum antenna tower mast

A single tower mast is a single section aluminum antenna tower. The B-130RHA, Single “B” Section Aluminum Tower, is complete with a 2 in diameter (5.0800 cm) x 1/8 in (0.31750 cm) wall x 8 ft (2.4384 m) long mast, installed rotor mounting plate, “H” type hinged base, and building bracket. An optional mast rotor and thrust bearing is available (see “Tower Accessories”).

Single Tower Mast

Model B-130 RHA
Approximate Height Including Mast 30 ft/9.14 m
Number/Length of Sections 1-25 ft/7.62 m
Tower Sections B
Approximate Weight 42 lb/19.51 kg


Tower Section Size: B (9 ½” wide)
Legs: 1 ½ in (3.8100 cm) Dia. X 0.065 in (0.1651 cm) wall thickness
Rungs & Diagonals 1in (2.5400 cm) Dia. X 0.49 in (1.2446 cm) wall thickness
Material: 6061-T6 aluminum tube
Base: H type hinged base