Border Patrol

Telescopic Tower Solutions for Border Patrol

American borders cover thousands of miles over wild terrain, giving the Border Patrol unique equipment requirements. Aluma trailer towers are designed to facilitate maximum level of coverage in these demanding terrains so that the Border Patrol can fulfill its mission.

Aluma delivers custom telescoping tower solutions built for rapid deployment and designed to provide reliable surveillance and communications support anywhere. They can be towed, airlifted by helicopter, flown in cargo aircraft, transported in a shipping container or loaded onto a flatbed truck. Once positioned, just two agents can set up any of our systems in under 15 minutes.

Our Border Control Trailer Tower Systems

Our border security towers can handle severe weather conditions. We manufacture all of our equipment using high-grade materials that have a proven reputation for withstanding the element extremes of rugged country. Every solution is fully customizable for application focused reliability. We can coat the system with military-grade CARC to add camouflage, decrease detectability in the field, and improve chemical resistance.

TM-12 Small Mobile Towers

The TM-12 for border security is our lightest and most compact model yet includes many of the features of our larger systems. These trailer towers are small enough to tow with a car. Configurations with 35 ft or 50 ft standard and heavy-duty masts are available.

TM51-20 Small Portable Towers

The TM51-20 is a mobile surveillance solution for border protection designed to travel over rugged terrain. This system is one of the most versatile and popular in our lineup. The TM51-20 is capable of supporting towers up to 100 ft tall.

TM51-35 Mobile Trailer Towers

The TM51-35 open trailer can be paired with our larger line of aluminum crank-up towers, including the 50 ft and 100 ft options. With its dual axle and small footprint, the TM51-35 features ample space to store large equipment cabinets, an optional generator, fuel tanks and accessories.

TM53-70 Self-Supporting Towers

The TM53-70 for border patrol is self-contained. It’s the same model used by troops in the Middle East. This border security system is one of our most innovative designs and features a built-in aluminum tower that you can raise anywhere between 50 and 106 ft.

TM54-80 Mobile Tower Systems

The TM54-80 is the newest telescoping tower system in our lineup. This system is compatible with different tower configurations to include any of our TU towers, guyed or unguyed, from our extra heavy-duty and extra, extra, heavy-duty lines.

TM55-90 (Coming Soon)

S510 Portable Telescopic Mast with Telecom Shelter

S510 Shelter Scorpion® is a rugged shelter trailer tower unit that features a lightweight all-aluminum telecom shelter enclosure. It’s built for rough environments with off-road LT tires, torsion spring axles, and a fully welded chassis.

S6: Trailer Mounted Mast

The S6 model trailer with mounted mast is the smallest shelter trailer in our portfolio.  It offers a solid built, portable shelter on a trailer with a mobile lattice tower that pivots to the rear of the unit.


The S8  is an integrated mobile trailer tower system that pairs our S8 shelter with our S812 trailer chassis to create an additional 4 ft of trailer deck space for mounting more accessories and equipment.

S8 Hybrid: Integrated Mobile Tower

The S8 Hybrid is the ultimate in integrated mobile portable communication trailer towers. It combines a roomy 8 ft (2.4 m) wide x 8 ft (2.4 m) long mobile shelter with our larger mobile trailer chassis. Complete the S8 hybrid with the right portable communication tower for the best custom application to fulfill any mission.

S812: Self-Supporting Trailer Tower w/ Shelter

The S812 is the largest of Aluma’s standard shelter sizes. It’s capable of handling large amounts of equipment as a self-supporting trailer tower system. The S812 telescoping tower trailer is our best selling and capable of nearly any customization to get the job done.

S816: Trailer Tower w/ Shelter

The S816 telescoping trailer tower is the top-of-the line portable antenna mast system, and most capable self-supporting tower system. This is the best of the best and it can be designed with everything to exceed your expectations.

tower on military vehicle

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