Undivided – Bridging the Digital Divide

A retrospective for the digital divide and a roadmap to fast wireless broadband for the United States

In early August of 2021, the Senate passed the $1,000,000,000,000 bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act as a historic investment in the future of America. Central to debate in the passage of the spending package was the topic of whether broadband Internet appropriately qualifies as “infrastructure”. For telecommunications wonks, communications service providers, and Internet subscribers the Senate vote signified a resounding “YES”. And while the Senate has definitively prioritized upgrade of the U.S. broadband network, funding allocation is down to $65 million from the Biden administration’s original proposal of $100 million. As the legislation moves into the House, no doubt broadband will remain a hotly debated topic.

With one eye on our history and another eye to the future, Aluma Tower has spent the past months compiling a retrospective on the digital divide, with the COVID-19 pandemic serving as our central theme. In our white paper “Undivided: A New Horizon for American Broadband”, we highlight the current state of U.S. rural broadband policy and deployment, the impact of that on various areas of American life, and what CSPs can do to change the landscape of American broadband, sooner than later.

Over the coming months Aluma Tower will be conducting webinars and remote roundtables where we examine our customer successes in rolling out military and private LTE networks with Aluma Tower products. Aluma Tower will also commit to providing participants a substantial list of agencies and contacts from whom they can procure more information about grants and other subsidies. Details will be published here on our website. Sign up for our newsletter for more updates.

Aluma Tower invites you to join us in our investigation of America’s broadband disparities — and to become part of the solution.

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