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Self Supporting Tower: Open Trailer Towers: TM 53-70

self supporting tower

Aluma Tower’s self-supporting tower masts include the Scorpion 53-70 self-erecting trailer tower unit. It is a mission-ready trailer tower unit, newly engineered from the ground up. This is a self-contained, lightweight mobile trailer unit with an all-aluminum telescoping tower that can be raised up to 106 feet (32.3 meters). Employed in missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, the 5700lb (2585kg) TM 53-70 Scorpion is compact enough to be towed by a Humvee. It can be lifted by helicopter; it can be transported by a C-130. Its transport size is 31feet x 89½ inches x 104 inches (9.5m x 2.27m x 2.6m).

This self-supporting tower can be deployed within 15 minutes by a two-person team, or within 30 minutes by one person.




self supporting tower

TM 53-70

Self-Supporting Tower 

The self-supporting aluminum tower ranges from 50ft. to 106ft. (15.2m to 32.3m) and can handle up to 80 percent payload capacity of most steel towers at 1/3 of the weight. It uses a small deployment footprint of 30 feet x 38 feet (9.1m x 11.6m).

The TM 53-70 Scorpion now features with Aluma Tower’s patent pending adjustable tongue design, which allows the self-supporting tower to be adjusted every two inches ranging from 22 inches (55.9cm) to 52 inches (132cm) in height. This allows it to be towed by many different sized vehicles. It is also available with dual galvanized torsion axles rated at either 5,200lbs. (2358kg) and 6,000lbs. (2721kg) and 16in. (40.6cm) LT with Kevlar tires.




self supporting tower

Adjustable Tongue Design

Summary of Features

• Full rapid deployment in approximately 15 minutes by two capable people
• Lightweight with a bare bone GVWR of 5,700lbs. (including tower), making it towable by military Humvee
• Transport size of approximately 31ft. long x 89.5in. ide x 104in. high; small enough to fit into a C-130 aircraft (C-130 certified)
• Small deployment footprint of just 30ft. x 38ft. area necessary
• Unguyed towers ranging from 50ft. to 106ft. that can handle up to 80 percent payload capacity of most steel towers while weighing 1/3 of the weight of a steel tower plus numerous accessories
• Available with dual galvanized torsion axles rated at either 5,200lbs. and 6,000lbs. and 16 inch LT with Kevlar tires
• Available with patent pending SMART Technology for both tower and generator set-up
• Helicopter lifting capabilities

 Specs and Manuals