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telescoping mast systems

Our telescoping mast systems are made of nested towers that are much lighter than steel versions. Weight factor makes them towable by smaller vehicles and this weight factor has a multiplicative effect. For example, they cost less to ship either by rail, air, or boat.  Our aluminum telescoping masts can also be tilted, when retracted, from a vertical to a horizontal position, and vice versa. This feature eliminates the necessity to climb up towers when the operator needs to install, repair, or maintain equipment mounted on the tower.

Telescoping Mast Systems

We are shipping a number of our telescoping mast systems to war zones. SPAWAR, NAVY, ARMY, and Air Force, among others, are current customers.

Our systems are rugged, reliable, easily transportable, and easily operated.  Above all, our telescopic mast systems are safe to use.

telescoping mast systems

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telescoping mast systems

An Unguyed Tower

Mobile and Portable Towers

Military Spec Units: ScorpionMilitary Spec Units: S510
Military Spec Units: S812 Mil

Trailer Tower w/Shelter: S6
Trailer Tower w/Shelter: S7
Trailer Tower w/Shelter: S8
Trailer Tower w/Shelter: S812
Open Trailer Towers: TM 12

Open Trailer Towers: TM 51-20LT
Open Trailer Towers: TM 51-35
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Open Trailer Towers: TM 53-70

Enclosed Cargo Trailers: ECT 20 | ECT 20D4
Enclosed Cargo Trailers: ECT 16
Enclosed Cargo Trailers: ECT 24

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