Craig Davis

Aluma Director of Product Management - Craig Davis Headshot

Craig Davis, Director of Product Management, originally joined Aluma Tower Company as a Mechanical Engineer in 2004.  He holds his AAS degree in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY and is completing his BS degree in Organizational Management at Indian River State College. Craig brought keen technical expertise to Aluma’s product lines from the experiences he gained working at IBM, Raymond Forklifts, and Freedom Plastics.  He has held several key positions during his 16+ year tenure, including Vice President of both Operations and Engineering.

Under Craig’s leadership, Aluma Tower has developed and delivered a multitude of new and innovative products such as the patented unguyed tower system, the patented SMARTtower solution, and the C-130 capable “Scorpion” mobile tower system. Upon completion of his training at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Craig was named Director of Product Management. He is currently developing Aluma’s first steel tower system, the Juggernaut (patent pending).