Starlink® Fixed Pole Kit

starlink fixed pole kit

Accepting Pre-Orders Now

The Aluma Tower Starlink® Fixed Pole Kit is a solution that has been professionally engineered and designed using 6061-T6 aluminum to be lightweight, durable, long-lasting, and sustainably made. The Fixed Pole Kit has a custom-designed fitting adapter allowing direct “plug & play” that replicates the Starlink® tripod base, including the holes for the spring-loaded buttons. The aluminum sections are held together with an internal sleeve that allows thru-bolts to keep the sections locked in place. Sections can be added to increase height and raise the Dishy to the required elevation for your property. The look and feel of the aluminum poles are professional and aesthetically pleasing. The Dishy cable is fed through the top section and down the pole extensions to the base, so there are no exposed wires. This keeps the solution looking crisp, the wires self-contained for safety, and the cables from sailing in the wind or getting caught on passers-by.

As shown in the graphic, the solution has a ground sleeve mount that is dropped into a 3-foot-deep hole and leveled while backfilling. Our solution requires no concrete and uses the earth as a stabilizer. The engineered ground mount provides ample support by use of our resistance plate design that keeps the entire pole stable in compacted earth.

Additionally, our Aluma Tower Starlink® Fixed Pole Kit will have the ability to mount on various structures, including roofs, buildings, and walls, very soon.

Pre-Order Our Starlink® Fixed Pole Kit

Aluma Tower will start taking pre-orders of this solution starting September 13th. Please contact us to add your name to the pre-order mailing or to learn more about our other solutions.