Starlink® Dish Elevated Pole Mounts

Starlink tower with trees

You’ve received your Starlink® satellite dish, and it is time to mount it. Anything can happen! A windy day can cause instability in your connection, or Mother Nature could send torrential storms. Maintain peace of mind and ensure that your Starlink® dish can withstand anything nature throws its way by using Aluma’s tower solutions. Aluma Tower has taken the initiative to design and manufacture “Dishy” mounts to remedy any situation. These mounts are critical in generating horizon to horizon reception.

Aluma Provides Specific Designs for Starlink® Dish Elevated Pole Type Mounts

Starlink® satellite dish mastWe are an experienced and reputable company with engineered solutions made specifically for elevating Starlink® satellite dishes up to 100 feet. As an ISO-certified manufacturer, we offer verified quality aluminum masts and towers for the simple installation of your Starlink® dish.

By using a quality-engineered structure to raise “Dishy” to the proper height, you can reach the satellite link for uninterrupted internet service without compromise.  Issues such as wind, rain, and other environmental elements are all factored into our engineering analysis and final design.  You can be assured that any twist, sway, or material fatigue that could affect your connectivity will not be a concern for the lifespan of your current Starlink® dish.

Why You Need A Clear “Field Of View” To Use Starlink®

The excerpt below is from

“If you could see the connection between a Starlink satellite and your Starlink, it would look like a single beam between the two objects. As the satellite move, the beam also moves. The area within which this beam moves is the “field of view. If any object such as a tree, chimney, pole, etc. interrupts the path of the beam, even briefly, your internet service will be interrupted. In early service, the required clear field of view is a 100-degree cone around the center of the dish (after tilting) with a 25 degree elevation minimum. Some obstructions are worse than others. Obstructions low in the sky will cause more outages because satellites are in this area of the sky more frequently. The best guidance we can give is to install your Starlink at the highest elevation possible where it is safe to do so, with a clear view of the sky. Users who live in areas with lots of tall trees, buildings, etc. may not be good candidates for early use of Starlink. However as more satellites are launched, the field of view constraints will decrease, enabling a wider variety of users.”


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We have designed and developed several affordable Starlink® mounting options.  Our designs account for the following critical parameters as specified by Starlink® engineers:

  • “Minimized movement” ~0.6° deflection
  • Weight of dish and cable 15.7 lbs
  • Diameter = 23.2 in
  • Surface area = 3 ft²
  • Pole mount diameter = 1.5 in OD (major), 1.4 in OD (minor)

Aluma has factored in the following:

  • 20-year product lifecycle
  • Designed with a factor of safety = 2
  • Analyzed per antenna and supporting structures standard (ANSI-TIA-222H)
  • Easy adaptation for future generations of “Dishy”, as well as other satellite internet dishes

We offer three specific products to elevate your Starlink® dish to the required clear 100° cone of clear sky for uninterrupted coverage:

Additionally, we can adapt any of our other telescoping towers to the Starlink® dish, if this appeals to you.

starlink fixed pole kit

Starlink® Fixed Pole Kit (Accepting Pre-Orders Sept 13th)

Our Fixed Pole Kit is a simple and elegant solution that will allow homeowners to raise their Starlink® Satellite Receiver (Dishy) 10 to 50 feet high for ideal visibility of the sky and thus the best bandwidth reception. Homeowners have the ability to self-install the Fixed Pole Kit.

Learn more about the Starlink® Fixed Pole Kit here.

Dishy on a pole

**COMING SOON** Single Pole Telescopic Mast

  • Single telescoping mast
  • Ideal for uses up to 30 feet in elevation

Our telescopic mast made specifically for the Starlink® Satellite Dish has a simple and sturdy-engineered design. Constructed of aluminum, it provides a simple and cost-effective way to raise and lower your dish. It will last for decades, providing an ideal platform for consistent internet connections. Some of the benefits of aluminum include its low weight for easier installation and its inherent anti-corrosive properties in any outdoor environment. This system is packaged with everything you need to confidently raise “Dishy” for clear line of sight with the Starlink® satellites.  Each system comes with everything you need for simple setup, including clear installation instructions.  We offer a wide variety of mounting options plus adaptability for the next generations of satellite internet dishes in the coming years.

M-10M Dishy

M-10M Aluminum Tower, the LEO Tower

The M-10M is a 10-meter freestanding tower designed for small, lightweight dishes, such as the Starlink® “Dishy”. This tower is perfect for elevating your satellite dish between 30-50 ft.  This aluminum tower provides a safe area for your dish and can withstand windy conditions up to 80 mph. A tilt-base is designed to be cemented directly into a concrete pad supplied by the user. It can also be used in semi-permanent guyed installations with a staked base. We have several other alternatives for mounting as well and would be glad to help select the best option for you.

over the top dishy

Guyed B-Stack Tower

This tower offers a strong support structure for your Starlink® dish.  It can be used for heights up to 100 ft when properly installed and guyed.  It is a stack tower, meaning one section of either 10 ft or 20 ft is stacked on top of one another until you reach the desired height. It has a standard tilting base and comes with stainless steel assembly hardware and can last over 20 years.  We offer numerous options for installation, including gin poles for tilt assistance, brackets, guy wires and anchor kits.

Request a Quote on Our STARLINK® Mounting Options

Aluma experts can help you determine which Starlink® mounting option best meets your requirements. To learn more or request a quote, send us a message and let us know what you need.