Aluminum Telescoping Masts

Aluminum Telescoping Masts


40 years ago, Aluma Tower Company Inc. pioneered the aluminum tower industry, leading the market with innovative ideas that completely reinvented how portable tower and mobile trailer solutions were engineered and constructed.  Today, Aluma Tower Company, Inc. continues to design and deliver smart, durable, and innovative integrated solutions and services for our customers.  Aluma Tower Company, Inc. offers customized system platforms to meet the needs of numerous industries.

Aluma Tower Company, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of antenna tower platforms, including free standing towers, vehicle mounted units, self-supporting tower systems, and military-grade packages.  We produce galvanized trailers, aluminum shelter enclosures, and aluminum antenna towers of all types from our facilities in Vero Beach, Florida.

The lightweight aluminum tower remains as the foundation for which all of our products are originated.  Engineering of two, three, or four section towers that nest inside one another, allows us to offer very strong, structurally-sound, yet lightweight towers that can telescope to heights of more than 100 feet.  All towers are easily retracted for easy mobility and transporting.

Aluma Tower Company, Inc. offers all aluminum towers using aircraft-grade structural aluminum in the designs.  These towers have a great weight-to-strength-ratio advantage over steel towers, and can handle up to 80 percent payload capacity of a similar steel tower while weighing nearly 70 percent less.

Towers, generators, and HVAC systems are available with SMART technology capabilities, allowing users to remotely monitor and control these items via text messaging or over the Internet.

Aluma towers have been rigorously tested by Eglin Air Force Base, including a consecutive 48-hour mission where the tower was continuously raised and lowered over 400 times.  Long-term field testing of a single tower was also performed.  This tower was raised and lowered in excess of 5,000 times and required minimal maintenance of a cable change every 1,000 repetitions and a pulley change at the 2,000 lift/lower interval.  This real-time field test data reflects the reliability, dependability, and low maintenance that has allowed Aluma Tower Company, Inc. to become a staple in the world tower industry.

Unguyed Towers

The Aluma unguyed towers come equipped with the patented slide bar mechanism.  This design greatly reduces the movement between the tower sections. Essentially, this interface allows the fully erected tower to act as a single structure, greatly improving the strength and capability of these towers, all while reducing cable tensions.  Each unguyed tower is outfitted with a custom, industrial-grade winch with manual bypass.  Additional standard features include a grooved aluminum drum, 20ft. long remote control, upper and lower limit switches, a stainless steel safety stop, and a safety stop interlock switch.  Towers are rigged using ¼” stainless steel aircraft cable with a 7,000lb BLL (Breaking Load Limit) and a 3,500lb. WLL (Working Load Limit).  The heat-treated pulleys were designed in-house and have been independently tested to obtain a 9,000lb. BLL and a 4,500lb. WLL.  The rigging design is finalized by use of side scissor cables which allow the sections to be raised simultaneously.  This scheme provides greater strength and longevity to the entire tower mast system by limiting any severe tension on the cables, allowing the towers to always perform safely and well below their maximum capabilities.

Trailer Mounted Towers & Self Supporting Tower Systems

The Aluma trailer chassis are fabricated using structural steel and boasts a fully-welded design.  Each one is then hot-dip galvanized, prior to being outfitted with galvanized torsion axles, aluminum tread plate decking, aluminum tread plate fenders, adjustable height couplers, and all LED DOT lighting.  A variety of tools to assist with deployment are provided in the aluminum Weather Guard storage box.  All of our trailers are standardly equipped with electric brake systems and a breakaway kit, safety tow chains, a tongue jack, and a 2-5/16 ball coupler (TM-12 model has optional brakes).

Scorpion S 510 Certified for a C 130

Scorpion S 510 Certified for a C 130

C-130 Certified

Our popular 53-70 “Scorpion” trailer series is certified for air transportation via C-130 aircraft.  We are the only company that offers such certification for a 100 foot tower and trailer system and obtained this through minimizing the overall size and weight of the system, while keeping the strength and integrity intact.  Configurations include systems with and without shelters.

Vehicle Mounted Masts

Vehicle mounted masts are also a unique product offered by Aluma Tower Company, Inc.  These Mobile Vehicle Units (MVU’s) can be adapted to most existing vehicles, including trailers, trucks, RV’s, or roof racks.  They are a cost-effective solution for temporary tower mast needs where larger towable trailers are not required.

Custom Design

Aluma Tower Company, Inc. provides custom design and fabrication on a routine basis.  We work closely with customers to provide the ideal finished product, while keeping additional engineering costs to a minimum.

If you would like to inquire further about aluminum telescoping towers, mobile vehicle masts, portable trailer systems, or similar custom products, please contact us or make arrangements to visit our facilities in Florida.  Our team would be proud to arrange a private tour and provide any further information you may need.