Military Spec Units: Self Supporting Antenna Mast, the Scorpion

Scorpion® Unguyed Telescoping Tower System

One of the newest self-supporting antenna mast items in our arsenal is the Scorpion® platform trailer towers.  As one of our best sellers, this unguyed telescoping tower system offers rapid deployment and  mission readiness in a self-contained package.

It is a lightweight, portable aluminum tower trailer equipped with our patented unguyed telescopic antenna tower mast (self-supporting antenna tower system) that is C-130 certified for aircraft transport.  Tower masts are available up to 103ft. (31m) and offer numerous accessories including generators, radio enclosures, grounding systems, etc. This can be outfitted per customer specifications.  These rugged Scorpion® portable aluminum tower trailers can be set up in about 15 minutes by two capable people and have a small footprint when fully deployed.  Heli-hooks are an available option as well to provide easy airlift transport via helicopter to remote areas.

Self-Supporting Antenna Mast

The S510 platform consists of the Scorpion® base trailer system with an ample 5ft. wide x 10ft. long (1.5m x 3m) shelter enclosure.  The S510 Scorpion® is ideal when larger radio racks or elaborate electrical systems are required.  This product is also available with numerous accessories including custom electrical packages, HVAC systems, lighting, etc. and will be custom-engineered to meet requirements.

All Aluma Tower Company, Inc. towers are designed according to TIA-222-G Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures and Antennas. 16in. (40.640cm).

Scorpion Features & Options

• Full rapid deployment in approximately 15 minutes by two trained personnel.

• Lightweight: Basic GVWR of 5,700lbs. (2585kg). This includes the tower.  Unit is towable by military Humvee.

• Towable by military MRAP and able to be air lifted by helicopter.

• Transport size of approximately 31ft. long (9.4488m) x 89½ inches wide (227.33cm) x 104 inches high (264.16cm), small enough to fit into a C-130 aircraft (C-130 certified).

• Small deployment footprint of just 30ft. (9.1440m) x 38f.t (11.582m) area necessary.

• Unguyed towers ranging from 50ft. (15.240m) to 106ft. (32.309m) that can handle up to 80 percent payload capacity of most steel towers while weighing 1/3 of comparable steel units.

• Available with dual galvanized torsion axles rated at either 5,200lbs. (2358kg) and 6,000lbs. and 16 inches (40.640cm)LT with Kevlar tires.

• Available with patent pending SMART Technology for both tower and generator set-up.

• Helicopter lifting capabilities.

• Small enough to fit into a C-130 aircraft (it is C-130 certified).

Specs and Manuals