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Innovation and engineering have allowed Aluma Tower to stay at the forefront of the industry and in achieving technical advances. The world of communication is ever-changing and very demanding. Aluma has maintained their leading position by distributing, developing, and researching new ways to handle the great need for new products in order to meet customer requirements.

Aluma Tower Company is the preferred distributor of the full line of Magnemount products, offering a solution to a problem that has plagued the Communication industry for years. Utilizing structures such as water towers, bridges, and other steel assemblies, a magnetic mounting system removes the issue that welded or epoxy solutions deliver. Aluma Tower has a product that provides a strong non-penetrating alternative, Magnemount. This product allows customers to apply communication antennas, surveillance equipment, and other high-tech application hardware directly to a steel structure, such as a water tank, without causing any damage or suffering the costs experienced from completing repairs related to welding, surface damage, or water contamination.  Aluma Towers’ Magnemount Systems can be applied to the top surface, side surface, or uneven surfaces of a metal structure.

Welding on a water tank structure has several negative effects such as:

• Costs of hiring certified welders;
• Metal fatigue around welded areas;
• Possibility of surface burn-through;
• Scarring and prepping painted welded surfaces;
• Water contamination; and
• Internal inspection costs.

Aluma’s Magnemount system eliminates all of these risks, while also providing a high-strength mounting platform that can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to weld or epoxy antenna mounts. Magnemount has  undergone extensive strength and stress testing to ensure it will meet all state, federal, and private regulations.

Aluma Tower offers several Magnemount designs to meet a variety of antenna setups and requirements. A single Magnemount plate is only 24”x24”, which can yield 650lbs of pull force. Combine plates on a single application and our customer has the ability to custom design a Magnemount System to meet their requirements!

A few varying applications include:

Top Mount 4 Plate
• Allows equipment to be attached to vertical masts atop metal structures
• 1650lbs/ft. overturning moment
• Mast size – 2”OD x .375”W x 144”L

Side Mount 3 Plate
• 1800lbs/ft. overturning moment
• Mast sizes – 3”OD x .250” x 144”L, or 4.5”OD x .250” x 144”L

Stability Mounts
• Provide additional support to Top Mount systems
• Used by water authority customers to reinforce railings and catwalks on the tops and sides of tanks

Cable Tray Holder
• Secures the power connection and communication cables to prevent damage to the water tank surface


These are but a few options that Aluma Tower can provide for their Magnemount System. Applications for the Magnemount range from communications on water towers, bridge structures, sporting complexes, high rises, and even overpasses. Whether it is communication or security, Aluma Towers Magnemount System has you covered.

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